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The Dutch Brawlers Esports & Esports Game Arena proudly present you

Hollands very first dedicated Tekken League: TDB League 2020!
Due to covid-19 we have been delayed quite a bit. The government and EGA both have strict regulations, but allow for offline events again. In light of this hopeful news, we have decided to link 4 of the qualifiers to a IESF ticket grand prize. Competing in the qualifiers will net you points towards the TDB league- and the top 2 of the first 4 qualifiers will advance to the IESF Qualifier Finals on September 6th. The TDB League will continue, following the events around the current pandamic. Therefore, new events after Q4, will be added on a later date!

TDB League 2020 will be managed by Team Tattakai, the minds behind Tekken National Championship ’18 and ’19, co- organizers of Red Bull Strijders 2019, and the first European Tekken World Tour international event: Tatttakai Holland XL. Kindly note that TDB League 2020 will be separate from the upcoming Tattakai Holland events. So this means even more tournaments for our small Dutch community!

IESF Qualifier & League Format

· Only Dutch citizens eligible for IESF qualifier
4 Qualifiers linked to IESF / Others are TBA

Click here for the tournament schedule
3 regular tournaments
1 Last Chance Qualifier
Point system for TDB League will be active
Top 8 Round Robin Finals on September 6h
Price Pool for Each Edition
Grand Prize: IESF European online qualifier ticket

Covid-19 protocol

– Upon entering EGA, use appointed disinfectant hand sanitizer
– 1.5 meter distance between attendees / staff & set-ups
– Forming a crowd behind players is not allowed
– Coaching in any form is not allowed.
– TO will make use of TV screens / Mic to announce/show brackets
– TO area will be marked, report scores keeping your distance. No unnecessary       visits to the TO or hanging around.
– Materials used will be cleaned, and cleaning will be done more often
– If you have any of the symptons; fever, cold, sneezing/coughing, stay home.
– Wearing a mask is highly recommended